k8s + opencontrail on AWS

For anyone interested in running a testbed with Kubernetes and OpenContrail on AWS i managed to boil down the install steps to the minimum:

  • Use AWS IAM to create a user and download a file “credentials.csv”
  • Checkout the scripts via `git clone https://github.com/Juniper/container-networking-ansible.git`
  • Change to the “test/ec2-k8s” directory.
  • Setup environment variables with your EC2 IAM role. The script credentials.sh can be used for this purpose.
  • Follow the steps in the test script:
    • ansible-playbook -i localhost playbook.yml
    • Extract the deployer hostname from the file `cluster.status`; this is the inventory entry in the `[management]` group.
    • Login into the deployer hostname and execute:
      • ansible-playbook -i src/contrib/ansible/inventory src/contrib/ansible/resolution.yml
      • ansible-playbook -i src/contrib/ansible/inventory src/contrib/ansible/cluster.yml
      • ansible-playbook -i src/contrib/ansible/inventory src/contrib/ansible/validate.yml
      • ansible-playbook -i src/contrib/ansible/inventory src/contrib/ansible/examples.yml

This will:

  • Create 5 VMs in a VPC on AWS;
  • Run the ansible provisioning script that installs the cluster;
  • Run a minimal sanity check on the cluster;
  • Launch an example;
  • Fetch the status page of the example app in order to check whether it is running successfully.



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