Authenticated access to Kubernetes pods

When running a micro-services style application in a public cloud, one of the problems to solve is how to provide access to debug information. At Laserlike, we run our application stack on GKE. Most of the stack consists of golang Pods that run an HTTP listener that serves /debug and /metrics handlers.

For metrics scrapping we use prometheus; and grafana for visualization. Our grafana server is nodePort service behind a GCE Load Balancer which uses oauth2 based authentication for access. This still leaves a gap in terms of access to the pod debug information such as /debug/vars or /debug/pprof.

In order to address this gap, we created a simple HTTP proxy for kubernetes services and endpoints. We deploy this proxy behind a oauth2 authenticator which is then exposed via an external load balancer.

The service proxy uses the kubernetes client library in order to consume annotations on the service objects. For example, the following annotation, instructs the service proxy to expose the debug port of the endpoints of the specified service:

    k8s-svc-proxy.local/endpoint-port: "8080"

The landing page on the proxy then displays a set of endpoints:



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